Celebrate human rights day with a vote for privacy! Support ApTI in the European OER Miler competition

Evens Foundation and Modern Poland Foundation have launched a competition for the best Media & Information Literacy Educational Resource and ApTI has signed up for the challenge with a series of 4 animated videos on privacy and data protection.

We are inviting everyone to celebrate the 10th of December – International Human Rights Day – by voting for our privacy videos in the Miler competition. You can vote for us and for others until Tuesday, 15th of December (we are number 3 on the list – Personal Data in the Digital Age): http://milpeer.eu/miler/

How much personal data are we sharing online everyday & how transparent are our apps? This is the central topic of our series. While only 4 of our videos are now available in English, there will be more to come very soon.

All our content is licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 license and we encourage everybody to use, share, remix and translate these resources. We want to make the original files available, so if you are interested please contact us at info@apti.ro

Read more about Mil/Peer here.



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